Information for SELLERS
How SELL in the Internet Auction
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Just like our live auctions, we do the marketing and promotion, handle the paperwork and handle the transaction. The bidding is done completely online during a specified time frame. Your horse(s) stay at home and are presented to potential buyers on their online catalog page. We will guide you in providing the information, photos and videos that will encourage buyers to bid on your horse or pony.

Flashpoint Bloodstock, LLC will promote the online auction through the same proven marketing that has reached nearly 35,000 buyers from around the world for 35 years. In addition to Internet promotion, we will send emails to our exclusive newsletter list to over 10,000 horse enthusiasts. We also send information to 200,000 sport horse enthusiasts through outside list providers.  

We ask our sellers to provide more information than you will find on any other Internet horse marketing site. In addition to more initial information, prospective buyers will have time to inspect horses, perform pre-purchase veterinary exams and correspond with Sellers.

Enter your horse or pony
Enter online using the convenient ONLINE ENTRY FORM that is available by clicking on the “SELL - Click Here to Enter Online” button on the home page or the Auction page. A new window will open that contains the Online Entry Form. Fill in the information on your entry. Be sure to accurately and honestly describe your entry.

Photos & Videos Good Photos & Videos are the most important thing you can do to sell your horse. We will guide you in providing the information, photos and videos that will encourage buyers to bid on your horse or pony. A good place to start is to download the articles Take Photos that SELL and Shoot Videos that SELL from our Resources page at

SUCCESS depends on the quality of the videos and photos that you provide.

PHOTOS: Upload your Photos when you enter online OR Email your photos to
Up to 6 Photos may be used. Use QUALITY photos. These photos will be used in the Online catalog and preview as well as email promotion. Use good background and contrast. 1 or 2 QUALITY photos from a show or NICE enough to draw attention to your horse. 4 photos to show conformation: one from each side, the front and the back. NO PROOFS OR COPIES. Upload your photos with your entry or email photos to in the following format and with the required information: JPEG Format - Name of Horse - Name of Consignor - Name of Sale.
TIP: Download Photos that SELL for helpful tips on taking photos of your horse.  

VIDEOS: Upload up to 3 Video Links when you enter online or email your video links to
Up to 3 Videos can be linked to the online information for your horse. See more Helpful Seller Information on our website. We have found the following to be effective marketing tools.
Video 1 - Should be 2 minutes or less to keep the interest of initial shoppers. (Think of this as the commercial) Video 2 - Can be longer to show more detail. (Think of this as the infomercial)
Video 3 - Include conformation and movement so bidders can see legs at walk and trot. Add footage that shows the horses disposition, being groomed and saddled and in the stall. 
There are examples of conformation and disposition videos on our Resources page. 
Additional Video Links can be included in the description of your horse.

Health Papers
Coggins Report within 12 Months is required: Any horses going to Florida or Canada need a Coggins with 6 months of the date they enter their jurisdiction. We will sell horses on a 12 months coggins but this will be noted on the catalog page. Keep the original coggins to give to the buyer and send or email a copy to us to put up on the auction page. 
Interstate Health Certificate: We don’t require a Health Certificate. If the buyer needs one, we suggest that you help the buyer with the arrangements. 
Pre-Sale Equine Physical Examination: We strongly recommend this exam. It will give prospective buyers confidence in what they are bidding on. This exam will be available on the entry’s online catalog page. 
After you have entered your horse, send the original registration papers or passport to us along with signed transfer documentation. Part of our job is to insure that our buyers get the certificates and passports are in order and can be transferred as they are represented on the entry’s catalog page.

This is where you set your minimum or reserve price IF you wish to establish one. Think carefully about this.

Ask yourself these questions:
• How long has this horse been for sale?
• Have I had any interest at the listed price?
• How much does it cost me to keep this horse every month?
• What is my plan if I don’t sell it in this online auction?
• How much will I spend to keep this horse until I get another offer?

Choose from this list of options. Your choice will appear on the online catalog.
• Sell with NO RESERVE or Minimum Price: Your horse will sell to the highest bidder at any bid at or above the auction minimum price of $1,000.
• Sell at or above a Minimum Starting Bid: Your entry will sell to the highest bidder that meets or bids higher than any minimum opening bid. This works best IF the opening bid you set looks like a real bargain.
• Sell with an undisclosed Minimum Price or Reserve, price not posted*. The Seller determines the lowest bid that will be accepted. There are several ways to manage your reserve.
1) The bid may be placed in the EDJE system, which will automatically place bids for the seller until the reserve bid is reached. If the final bid in the auction is below the reserve bid, the horse is not sold and is retained by the seller. 
2) The bid may be placed with our team. We will consult with you on your reserve and manage it for you. We will be in touch with you as the bidding closes on your horse. 
3) You can protect your own horse by getting a bidder’s number and bidding on your own horse.  
• Sell Subject to Seller Confirmation: Seller will have 24 hours to confirm and accept the final price following the close of the auction to decide to accept the final bid in the auction. If the seller does not respond within that time frame the horse will NOT be sold.

* This is a Reserve Auction - the right of the seller to bid through the auctioneer or otherwise is expressly reserved. 

Once your horse is sold. 
You will keep the horse free for 5 days following the close of the auction. After 5 days the buyer is responsible for board.  
The Buyer is responsible for shipping. We will send you and the buyer a buyer confirmation form so you know that the horse has been paid for. The buyer’s shipper will have that form to insure that they are authorized to pick up the horse. Give the coggins to the shipper.  
When do you get paid?
We mail checks to the owner not earlier that ten (10) banking days or later that fifteen (15) banking days from the date the auction ends, providing all registration documentation is in order. 
What does it cost?
The Entry Fee is $159 per entry plus a Commission is 8% if your entry sells. If your entry does not sell, you pay the entry fee only.  

Some final thoughts….
Early entries will provide more time for Buyers to shop. Get more bang for your buck.
You will get out of it what you put into it! Invest the time and effort to present your horse at it’s best. 

Information for Buyers
How BUY at the Internet Auction
Bidding and Buying in the Online Auction

Flashpoint Bloodstock, LLC now combines modern auction technology with 37 years of horse auction management experience to provide Buyers and Sellers with a convenient and cost effective way to market and shop for horses. We have handled sale transactions for more than 70,000 horses. Flashpoint has teamed up with EDJE Auctions, a leader in the field of online livestock auctions and Professional Auction Services.

In this Auction, Sellers provide more information than you will find on any other Internet horse marketing site. In addition to more initial information, Buyers will be able to correspond with Sellers, inspect horses, and perform pre-purchase veterinary exams. Our staff will be available to help buyers get the information needed to make the transaction as easy and effective as possible.

Flashpoint Bloodstock, LLC will handle the registration papers and transfers, just as we would for a live auction. This way Buyers know that the papers are in order are in order and will be delivered to the Buyer.

Bidding is open for a predetermined period of time. Lots close at the times stated for each entry.

Get Started

Prospective Buyers may view the Online Auction catalog without registering to create an account. To access seller contact information and see the bidding numbers will require registration and Log In.

Create an Account

Once you are a registered user, you can get the seller’s contact information on each entry’s catalog page and see the bidding numbers. 

- Go directly to the Create Account page
- Go to 
- Click on the “BUY Click Here - Go to the Auction” button - You will go to the Main Auction page
- Click on the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button. IF you already have an account, just log in 
- Fill out the information 
    - Pick a screen name and a password 
    - Click SUBMIT.  
  You have an account!  

You MUST register to bid for each auction. Click on the link Register to Bid beside the auction you are interested in on the home page. You can also click on the “Register” button beside each entry on the auction catalog page.
Register to Bid

Bidder Registration is Required: A bidder must go to the Online Auction to register and be approved to receive a bidder number before they can bid. By registering to bid, they are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions stated by Flashpoint Bloodstock, LLC By placing a successful bid, the bidder is entering into a binding agreement between Flashpoint Bloodstock, LLC and the seller. Once accepted, bids may not be retracted or cancelled.

Approval to Bid

Registered viewers will need to ask for approval to bid separately for each session (day). A registered and logged in viewer will just need do this in 2 places. One way is on the Online Auction home page where you just click on Register to Bid in the gray box for each Sale. The other is at the top of the catalog page in the black bar with buyer's name and click Register to Bid. Only a little more information is required to be able to bid.

Bidding Procedure

Bidding on lots will close every 3 minutes. If late bids (last minute) are received on a horse, an additional 4 minutes will be added to the countdown timer on that lot. Only after a 4-minute period with no additional bidding will the bidding for that horse close. Bidders have more time to think and react than with a live auction. Once the bidding closes the bidder is the buyer, unless the horse is sold subject to seller confirmation.

After the bid opening, a bidder may place individual bids that are $50 higher than the previous bid up to $2,500, after this level is reached bid amounts go to $100 as indicated by the auction system. 

A Bidder may place confidential maximum (proxy) bids where they declare the maximum dollar amount they want to bid, and the computer will bid on their behalf until they have successfully purchased the horse or the asking price exceeds the amount of their maximum bid. Maximum bids are strictly confidential and are not known by other buyers or the seller.

Shopping the Horse and Seller Representations

Shopping the Horse:
- Read the Online catalog information closely. There is a lot of information for each horse.- Contact Sellers for more information- Make arrangements to see the horse prior to bidding- Make arrangements for a veterinarian to do a pre-purchase examination. Go to the web site for the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Hire a professional to evaluate the horse for you.- Contact Flashpoint for assistance.

Seller Representation: 
Although the Terms & Conditions state that the horses sell AS IS, we have required the Sellers to give specific information about the horses. AS IS does not allow for a Seller to knowingly misrepresent or give false information. Intentional misrepresentation may leave a Seller liable according to the Uniform Commercial Codes. A dispute resolution procedure is provided for in the Terms & Conditions.

The Ratings provided by the Seller are the OPINION of the Seller. We all know that opinions among horse people can vary on a particular horse. These Ratings are meant to give a prospective Buyer an idea of how the horse is to handle and/or ride.

Ask specific questions if certain aspects of a horse's behavior have a bearing on your buying decision. Be sure to visit with the Seller enough that you have the "Instruction Manual information" for a horse you want to buy. Give yourself the best chance to get along with a new horse.
If you buy a horse that turns out not to be what you wanted, you just sell it and shop again. If you buy very many horses, this will happen. There have been many cases where a horse is the perfect horse for one owner and does not suit someone else. Horses have personalities and so do people. Sometimes they don't fit, no matter how much we want them to.

Understanding the Seller's Options:

The Seller has chosen from several selling options. The Seller's choice will be listed on each horse. It is subject to change during the auction so keep checking back.

- Sell with NO RESERVE or Minimum Price - Will sell to the highest bidder.
- Sell at or above a Minimum Starting Bid - Will sell to the highest bidder that meets or bids higher than any minimum opening bid.- Sell with an undisclosed Minimum Price - Minimum Price not posted. The Seller determines the lowest bid that will be accepted. If the final bid in the auction is below the reserve bid, the horse is not sold and is retained by the seller.- Sell Subject to Seller Confirmation - Seller will have 24 hours to confirm and accept the final price following the close of the auction to decide to accept the final bid in the auction. If the seller does not respond the horse will NOT be sold. We try to have Sellers on the phone with us as their horse closes in order to confirm to sale as the bidding closes. Seller may notify bidders through the CHAT BOX that the horse will sell, during the bidding or the notice of selling option may change to “Now Sells to the Highest Bidder”.- Make An Offer - You may contact a seller before auction bidding opens and negotiate a purchase, using the Make An Offer form. The transaction must go through Professional Auction Services, Inc.

Buyers will be notified if they are the successful purchaser of a horse by email, immediately after the bidding closes, unless the horse is sold subject to seller confirmation.

There is a CHAT BOX available so bidders can correspond with Flashpoint staff during the bidding.

Payment for Horses

Buyers are required to complete payment within three (3) banking days of the close of bidding on each horse they purchase or once the sale is confirmed for a horse subject to seller confirmation. An online Shopping Cart is available to pay for horses. Your new horse will not be released until payment is made to Flashpoint.


See the Term & Conditions for Payment methods. Buyer can pay with the credit cards we accept, bank wire transfers or checks.

Buyer Transaction Fee:
A 7% Buyer’s Premium is added to the price of each horse. This fee covers the cost of electronic payment transactions and services provided to the Buyer.

Flashpoint recommends purchasing Mortality and Major Medical Insurance to protect the Buyer's investment.

Pick Up and Transportation

Transportation: It is the responsibility of the buyer to arrange for transportation to get their new horse delivered. Sellers have agreed to keep a horse for up to 5 days with no charges for normal board. We have a resource list on our website for haulers.Hauling resources: GO TO Resources for Buyers & Sellers

Whether you are Buying or Selling, you will get out of it, what you put into it! If you use the tools we provide, you can be successful.

This is an overview of the Online Auction procedure. Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions of Sale. Please ask for assistance if you need help with any aspect of the Online Auction.
Let's talk about the horses you have for sale.  Call us at 866-652-7789