The way you buy and sell is changing...

The way you buy and sell is changing...

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From Barbara:
“ is a great way to sell your horse hassle free. They provide excellent advertisement with a high success rate of selling your horse. I Have sold  horses through the sale too many happy new owners.”

From Alison:
“Cathy, Thanks for your help! We found a great home for my mare. Sounds like you do a great job marketing your sale horses to the right buyers!”

From Elizabeth:
“I decided to participate in Tim and Cathy Jennings in April 2016 because I only do the hunters and I found myself with a horse more suitable for jumpers. The sale was successful, the horse went to a good home, the process was easy and smooth, and Tim and Cathy were on top of things and easy to work with!”

From Tracy:
“Thanks Tim!  Got the wire! You guys have been fantastic to work with. I am recommending you to all my friends!  A few have asked about the dates for the next auction.” 

From Helen:
“Thank you for all your work to help him sell. Be sure to tell buyer his championship halter comes with him. I hope the buyer will want to talk to me about him. I will worm him Monday with the herd. His teeth are due May 18. Where is he going?  If it’s cold there he can wear his blanket. Although the material I had to mend it did’t match, it is decent. 
Thanks again” Post note from “Silky” went from Ft Worth to Dallas, so he didn’t need his blanket!

From Diane:
Amazed that the auction was so successful. Didn't think folks would pay that much for horses "sight unseen". My husband is THRILLED Aria sold for $15,500 in the auction. Of course, he is THRILLED when we sell any horse! :) Same net income as paying for training over the winter and selling her at shows for 25K minus trainer's commission next spring/summer. Looking forward to consigning another horse next year, but will be more prepared as a seller...better videos, photos, etc. 

From a Happy Seller:
From a seller's perspective, I was very happy with this sale. I sold 6 of my 8 entries and still have some interest in the last two. I found this online sale to be enormously less expensive than taking a horse to a physical sale, which allowed me to accept lower bids than I probably would have at a live sale. So I think it saved money for the buyers too. Initially I was concerned that people wouldn’t bid or that we would lose some of the impulse buying that occurs at sales, but one of mine actually sold, as a last minute impulse purchase, to a man that didn’t plan on buying anything at all. He bought two horses that night.

From Ellen:
I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate this auction. Hopefully this is something we can continue as it seemed to work well. Thank you!

From Vee:
Echo is doing great here!  I can't wait to see how she does for the breed show season and how she grows up.  It's so exciting!  I love the youngsters!  She is already doing great learning to get along with my other horses and my other hanoverian yearling filly.  It's so much fun to watch them all together.
Thank you for all of your help!  You guys are awesome!  Have a wonderful day!

From Kari:
“Hi Guys! I know I’m late with this Thank you, but, wanted you to know how happy we are with Buddy!! Your assistance was so appreciated. We adore Buddy and are so happy to have him in our lives!! Thanks again!”

From Daphne:
“I have to give a huge shout-out to two wonderful people - Tim Jennings and Cathy Jennings. I've participated in the Pony Finals
Auction many times, but had never taken the plunge to the on-line auction...until now. Tim was wonderful (as always) and gave us all the information we needed to use the website and bid wisely. That info is also available online, but I just like to talk to Tim. We worked with a very charming and knowledgeable seller and we ended up with the high bid and a lovely 6 y.o. prospect. The system works, folks, and is a simple and economical way to view and purchase horses too far away to easily check out in person. And you won't find better people ANYWHERE to work with than Tim and Cathy. Welcome to Kansas, Cambridge! No palm trees or PBIEC here, but on the plus side we do have lots of grass!”

From Eliza:
“Thank you, thank you so much for helping me get the chance to own Tortuga! He's even better in person than I dreamt! You were right! He trailered home the 4 hour journey like a champ today. I hope I found my next big horse! I think I may have! Thank you!”

From Penny:
“Thank you for another great auction. I think I got another good one !!!!”
On her most recent purchase: “He is the best. We just love him. Barn favorite. Mini stirrup rock star !”

From Frankie:
“Buttercup arrives tomorrow and am soo excited. Thanks for your support in this whacky decision.”

From COTH Forum:
“I just bought my new, 5 year old Hanoverian mare through them in October. I couldn't be more thrilled with the horse or the process of buying through them. They worked hard to make this sale happen for me when my winning bid was below this horse's real value. She is absolutely my dream horse!”

From COTH Forum:
“I’ve purchased 2 horses through them. One at a live auction and one through an online one 3 years ago. The one from the online auction is a pretty nice dressage prospect. He had 2 great videos, pictures from a dressage breed show as a foal, and had full siblings that I could verify scores and future potential and a good idea of his temperament. He also had a very detailed description. I did not get a bargain price but paid a very fair market value for him. I think his breeder was very smart in his marketing and was very honest, he's everything I thought he would be. I personally would not have paid what I did if I couldn't have verified as much as I could and I think that is the biggest challenge w the online auctions. But they post horses before the auction starts so you do have time to contact sellers, arrange visits/test rides and vettings.”


From Christina:
Thanks for your speedy and professional service! It was such a pleasure doing business with you guys! 

From COTH Forum:
“I would like to give Flashpoint a big thumbs up on how responsive they are. I sent them an email suggesting that they put the pony/horse height on the first page. Most of us have very specific needs/wants for size. I really can't do a pony but don't want anything over 16H.
I received an email within an hour thanking me for my suggestion and that they would look into it. I went into the website today and noticed that they had updated the current auction to show the height of the horses on the front description page. Talk about being responsive to your customers requests. Mind you this was all done over a major holiday weekend. I was very impressed.”

From Bri:
That was fast!  Thank you for the great customer service!

From Kari:
Hi Guy's! I know I'm late with this Thank You but wanted you to know how happy we are with Buddy!! Your assistance was so appreciated. We adore Buddy and are so happy to have him in our lives!! Thanks again!

From Victoria:
Hi Tim, just wanted to say thank you to you and your wife for facilitating the sale of  “GrandZen" in June. She went to her first show recently and got 3rd out of 19 entries in Low hunter division. She is amazing and we never would have known about her if it wasn't for you guys!